Hi! My name is Daniele Rossi and I’m the creator of this webcomic you see right here on this website, called SuperSpud. I created Spud way back in the 1990s in my high school years and filled up a notebook full of Spud comics during most of my senior classes.

Fast forward to the Internet age and you can guess how this website got started. Only, it went through a few different versions and branding to the one you see today. SuperSpud is not just a creative outlet for me to share my comics, it’s also a blog. Comic journalism, that is.

Like most artists and bloggers, I’ll be drawing about my interests; web design, tech jokes, social media, bodybuilding, music. That kind of thing.

I live in Toronto, Canada and also produce a podcast about stuttering called Stuttering is Cool. Read more of my comics at ti-ger.org. See my dribbble page at dribbble.com/danielerossi.