July 5th, 2009

Spud gets his own cooking show

Back in the day, I had improv comics here on superspud.com. Actually, I still do in a different form (see the footer below). Anyhoo, this is improv comic #3, originally named Cooking With Spud.

Way, way back in November [2007], I asked for an era, a musical instrument, a sport and a Hello Kitty object (ex: Hello Kitty Toaster, Hello Kitty golf clubs). It took a while because I was engulfed in too many frivolous things like my day job, eating, lifting weights and my illustration work. Also, it was hard to create a comic that combined Medieval England-ish, a Fender Telecaster, roller derby and a Hello Kitty tailpipe!

I couldn’t delay it any further so here is a very rough comic from my sketchbook which I worked on over a few days at my day job during lunch.